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Vampirska / Glemt – By Sanguinarian Will​.​.​. [Split]

vampirska / glemt – by sanguinarian will​.​.​. [split]


Vampirska and Glemt together is a mighty offering, making it my most anticipated release of 2020. Within the cover and title, “By Sanguinarian Will”, we are offered dark, raw, Black Metal, aching to the Second-wave of the early 90s. The cover itself, black and white, features the steps into a cavern with a monastery and graveyard peeking out of the distance in the moonlight. At the bottom of the stairs lies a lonely corpse decaying, as if the tomb had just been opened to free the sanguinarian creature, a human who feeds on blood.

Vampirska’s style of Black Metal forces it’s bloody musical fangs into your ears. Consistent with other Vampirska releases, the music featured is lengthy, with it’s shortest track “A Curse Bearing the Nocturnal Plague” clocking in at almost 7 minutes. The atmosphere this artist is able to convey brings you deep into the depths of a damp, dark, dungeon, unlike anything found in the United States. Vampirska’s growling vocal style provides a haunting sound as it fades into an almost naturistic force–an eerie wind creeping into the unknown. The last track of Vampirska’s contribution will drain you like a vampire, making you wonder if you’re ready to flip the record.

Hailing from London, England, Glemt brings a cold depressive mood that is characteristic of other releases in their catalogue. The songs on this split album offer more of an atmospheric sound than on previous releases. Glemt’s vocal moan resembles a person in agony, contemplating their very existence with every breath, highlighted in “Bastille Visions of What Has to Come”. Glemt produces moans resembling the last gasps of a man dying, to then being jolted back to life with the sound of guitar riffs and d-beats, before fading off into what may be the final cries of a man self inflicted with a suicidal wound.

The Vampskira and Glemt split brings us plague music for the plague. Both artists have created a distinct sound, heavily influenced by 2nd-wave Black Metal. It shares many similarities, but boats so many differences. This is a definite must have for any Black Metal enthusiast. (Rob Menze)

Inferna Profundus Records

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