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Napalm Death – Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs

napalm death – coded smears and more uncommon slurs

First I want to start by taking a bow for the great album cover from the new ‘compilation’ album from Grind/Death metal institute  Napalm Death…and talking about covers, there are some great musical covers to discover too on this double disc. A mixture of singles, bonus tracks, split releases over a decade from 2004 till 2015 approximately is what you’ll find on this new release. Yes, Napalm Death can make an entire double album with only B-sides as you can call them hehe. For people who never heard of this band, it could be a good step to jump immediately into the sound and history of this British band from Birmingham. Die hard fans from this band, well, you easily can add it to your collection, but I’m not sure if you’ll discover new sides from this band, outside your other Napalm Death collection you already have. And as stated: the covers from bands as Cardiacs, Sacrilige, Gauze, Despair and Gepopel are perhaps the newest you’ll find on this compilation. The only flaw for the ‘potential new’ listeners is perhaps that the history of tracks isn’t in the timeline of their discography, but it’s not that it bothers me. In comparison with other compilations from bands all over, Napalm Death could be one of the few to seduce new fans with only bonus tracks and others uncommon slurs. And when they do…their full-lengths definitely will be a musical orgasm for those people. But for me personally I’m looking forward for their new album to come soon I hope. (Fredde)