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Infestdead – Satanic Serenades

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This band maybe could be unknown to some people nowadays, but just because it was born as a really mysterious project back in 1996. I remember well those strange years for music we love…black metal was about to die, death metal survived the early 90’s…new music fashion like Cradle of FIlth and Dimmu Borgir …very hard to survive for the extreme classic genre indeed ; in the meanwhile, there was a man, well known in the entire metal scene, Dan Swano,who always played, recorded , mixed, engineered everything since early 90’s till now in the death and black metal scene…he came up with this crazy idea of playing a certain death metal, Deicide-oriented, just for his own fun and joy, nothing more. Certainly he didn’t win a golden record for selling many copies but it was another little jewel he added in his telentuos musical career beside the glorious days with Edge of Sanity and his masterpiece solo album, or Pan Thy Monium or Witherscape….The compilation in your hands includes all the recordings between ’96 and ’99, with both 2 full lenghts and the 1st EP…a massive collection of true satanic death metal , just to let you know that here the driving force of Deicide is the main inspiration of the band. Hellfuck is an unrelentless abomination of straigh to your ears killer songs with a lenght near to 1 minute each song, pure evilness spread like hell by Dan Swano’s morbid but professional mind…Jesusatan is more reasonable just because songs are a little bit complex, the whole satanic imagery is so powerfull and you’re truly sorrounded by blasphemy as you listen the albums…May it seems like a tribute band, may it seems like a copycat band, but it’s just pure Death Metal as it must be…the difference is that Swano declared his will to do such kind music as tribute to Glen Benton’s music, but wich is the difference with Bloodbath as we know it? no difference to me…when you play old school death metal is such obvious that monsters of this caliber that made history, are involved in the concrete songwriting; just listen this pure hellish vibes that after 20 years continues to detroy everything recorded even nowadays. No innovation doesn’t mean poor quality music…if you’re looking for something new, better leave it. (Cris Pervertor)


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