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Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol

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A new Paradise Lost, something I’m always curious about. Every time when they start to write new material, I read news items about the new songs are going to sound like a mixture of “Icon” and “Draconian Times” and they are going back to the melancholy atmosphere of those days. Although I’m a huge death metal fan, I consider “Draconian Times” as their finest hour. So I bet you understand my curiosity. I totally dig their first real “comeback-to-the-glory-days” (“Paradise Lost” is a try-out to my humble opinion), “In Requiem”, with outstanding tracks like “Never for the Damned”, “The Enemy” and my personal favourite “Fallen Children”. But I was a bit disappointed with “Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us”. So when those “Icon/Draconian Times” news items popped up again, I was a bit sceptical. But thanks to the promotional tracks and videos on Youtube of “Crucify” and “Honesty in Death” my sceptical attitude became a lot more positive. After hearing the whole album repeatedly, I can only conclude Paradise Lost made a great album. It doesn’t have the impact of the aforementioned 1990s albums, but hey…those were other times. You can hear a lot of mid-carreer Paradise Lost on “Tragic Idol”, some “Shades of Gods” kind of typical Gregor Mackintosh leads, “Draconian Times” atmosphere, “Icon” gloomy slow parts and sometimes an “One Second” kind of composition. Even traditional Doom Metal during the song “To the Darkness” and a bit of Sister of Mercy in the beginning of “Worth Fighting For” are present. The typical Mackintosh leads and Aedy rhythm riffs, for me the heart and aorta of Paradise Lost, are going really strong on this album. Although there are parts that Nick Holmes has a mellow singing moment here and there (“Fear of Impending Hell” or “Tragic Idol”, the “One Second” compositions), most of his vocals are powerful like on “In Requiem”. Let’s go to the jury! Mister Gloom? Yes, a huge thumb up. Mister Doom? Also! Miss Dark? Accepted! Mister Misery? Corners of the mouth down! (Ricardo)

Paradise Lost

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