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Asphyx – On The Wings of Inferno

asphyx – on the wings of inferno

Another legend from the early Dutch underground returns… In my review of the Soulburn album I said that they are and always will be Asphyx and fortunately they’ve decided to use the old name again. And it’s of course Asphyx what you get! Great riffing which can only be done by Eric Daniels, the typical Bob Bagchus drums and Wanner from Pentacle as a worthy bassist/singer, how I love this band. My only criticism is that this CD is too fucking short, only 29 minutes aaaaaaahhh!! I humbly thank the man who invented the repeat all-button! If I would name songs, I’d have to name them all, so fuck that, get yourself a copy of this album of “Death, the brutal way”, goddamnit!! (Ron)