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Evocation – Illusions of Grandeur

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After the resurrection of Evocation, the band is quite active as this is already their fourth full length. After 3 releases on Cyclone Empire the band went to Century Media who are focussing more and more towards old geezers death metal I like so much. Not only the demo compilation of Evocation and Gorement or the back catalogue of Thanatos are quite surpising, but also the signings of Eric Daniel’s (ex-Asphyx) Grand Supreme Blood Court, Morbus Chron, Vallenfyre and Necrowretch can be described as “good taste of death metal”, which is normally a critical item by underground purists when it comes to releases from a big supreme label as Century Media. If you are not familiar with Evocation, I would like to advise you to give their demos a first spin. Be it the “Evoked From Demonic Depths” release from Century Media or the compilation of Breath of Night. And then give “Illusions of Grandeur” a spin. First of all, the “real” old school Swedish Death Metal is almost vanished on “Illusions of Grandeur”. Ofcourse the hints are still there but Evocation became more a good old Gothenburg scene band when it comes to riffs and melodies. The guitar sound is still death metal to the bone, only less crunchy. This transformation already began with their “Dead Calm Chaos” release back in 2008 where At the Gates pops up regularly, but with this one it is dead certain: don’t expect old school Swedish death metal in the vein of Nihilist, Carnage, Dismember or Entombed. During “Metus Odium” it is even crystal clear Evocation would be a great road partner for Amon Amarth. The song writing is almost an identical! Therefore the guest appearance of Jon Hegg on “Into Submission” isn’t a surprising one as well. Still, I wish that these veterans would be one of the stubborn bands who would still play their death metal the Swedish way like 20 years ago like Interment for example. Although I may sound a bit negative, “Illusions of Grandeur“ is still without any doubt a fine death metal album that is enjoyable for everyone who like a bit of melody in their death metal. (Ricardo)


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