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Wampyric Rites / Moloch – The Serpent Cult Of Darkness [Split]

wampyric rites / moloch – the serpent cult of darkness [split]


‘The Serpent Cult Of Darkness’ is the next chapter in the ongoing series of split releases by both Wampyric Rites from Ecuador and Moloch from Ukraine. Both acts have an extended history of sharing pieces of vinyl (or CD’s and cassette tapes) with (often) like-minded acts from all over the globe, so it is not all that surprising that both ended up sharing this vinyl (and CD) together as well.

First up is Wampyric Rites, an act that is relatively new, founded in 2019, but proved to have a sickening working pace with a discography already counting almost 30 releases. And although both musicians are involved in various other bands and projects, it doesn’t seem to stop them from coming up with high-quality Black Metal that can proudly bear the Wampyric Rites title. And without a doubt, his split LP also fits seamlessly in that same frame. The two songs of both about 10 minutes show that both gentlemen have a good sense of melody which they expertly drape over the foundations of mid-90s Black Metal and Dungeon Synth. The rather raw production is actually doing the rest and making this split release another tasteful exercise in melancholic Raw Black Metal.

Moloch, on the flipside, shows exactly the same thing, namely a logical continuation of everything we have heard from them in the last few years. A spacey instrumental Dungeon Synth piece leads us into ‘Enthroned! Thy Unholy Spirit!’, the only Black Metal track on this split release. Compared to the Wampyric Rites track, it sounds a bit more stuffy and less agile, however, this is the sort of Black Metal that Moloch does best. Fjordsson’s creaky voice again fits extremely well with the deeply melodic and equally immersive melancholic Raw Black Metal where the spirit of the late 90’s and early 00’s genre haunts. Although it closes again with yet another instrumental piece of Dungeon Synth and thus the rendition of Black Metal is quite small, I cannot help but conclude that ‘Enthroned! Thy Unholy Spirit!” is one of the better songs Moloch has come up with and it definitely proves that the act has become better and certainly more natural and organic sounding over the years.

Inferna Profundus Records

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