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Necrowretch – With Serpents Scourge

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After reviewing the 7” teaser “Even Death May Die”, the track is also present on this full-length by the way, I ended my beautiful verdict with the fact that I was looking forward towards this one. And here it is…The diabolical Old School Death Metal, Old School can also be replaced by Ancient as the roots can be found in the mid-late 1980s, is fierce and raw. As most of the Death Metal of that era, there are hints of Black Metal and Thrash Metal in it. But it doesn’t sound outdated for one second. Vlad mentioned that he worked for 18 months to create something special as he wanted to push all the limits further, break all boundaries and deliver something as bestial as hell. And bestial as hell it is! The ambiance of Merciless’ “The Awakening”, Grotesque, old Bathory is drenched through the infernal and putrid Death Metal of Necrowretch. Bestial as hell it is I tell you! (Ricardo)