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Funeral Fullmoon – Poetry of the Death Poison

funeral fullmoon – poetry of the death poison

2021 sees the return of MNV218 and the entity known as Funeral Fullmoon. The Chilean artist returns with its 2nd Full-length, a logical continuation of the work started with the 1st Demo, that continues to pull us in, hypnotizing us, and tricking us into his dark and haunting existence.

Black Metal has never been a musical expression of anything but Darkness and Human Suffering, and we have a taste of that with this new release. Musically speaking, and as stated before, this is the logical step in MNV218 path so far. It does show, of course, an upgrade in composition, but that is something one acquires throughout his evolution / growth as a musician. It is with pleasure that I receive every new release, expecting it to pay homage to the 90s Black Metal tradition, while adding that little something that keeps the sound, up to date with the times. 4 tracks, all over the 5 minutes mark, but never a dull moment, which shows that Funeral Fullmoon is, indeed, one of those projects that deserves more attention, and that it does not need all the hype that others receive (especially via Social Media… my moment of social criticism)!

In conclusion: this is end of the year top, no doubt! (DanielP)