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Bonded – Rest in Violence

bonded – rest in violence


The use of the term Supergroup can be overused and can sometimes lead to higher expectations but when you have former members of Sodom, Suicidal Angels with guest appearances by Overkill’s vocalist and Kreator’s bass player on the title track, well the term can be used in its proper context.

Their debut album “Rest in Violence” is released on 17 January 2020 but this isn’t a debut as such because of the history that is shared amongst the band. Bonded might also be labelled veterans of the thrash scene but the term doesn’t give them enough justice. I’d prefer to go with doyens, stalwarts and even loyalists which to me sound way better and provide a more definitive description and kudos to their silky metal skills.

From the opening track “Godgiven” the title track “Rest in Violence” through to “The Rattle and The Snake” and “The Outer Rim” and everything in between, this is unapologetically Teutonic thrash done right. Yes, it’s all there, riffs that are so easy on the ear that they automatically have your neck snapping and your foot stamping the ground, vocals that scream and provide emotions from hatred to plain anger and back again, drumming that suggests there’s more than just the usual 2 arms and legs playing and oh so slick production. If you’re an up and coming thrash band that wants to rule the world then you need to listen to this. It is of such high quality.

To call “Rest in Violence” brutal belies the musicianship and professionalism that cuts through from start to finish. There’s force and precision and such a high level of musicality that all combine to create this killer album. I don’t need to tell you how good this is. You just know right. Just go get it and put it on top of in your collection and just keep it there so it’s easy to grab cause you will, repeatedly. (Longstretch)


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