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Luring – Inimicitias Veteres Vulneribus Desperatione [Demo]

luring – inimicitias veteres vulneribus desperatione [demo]


The United States have delivered, for the last years, superb Black Metal acts. Being as big as they are, we are bound to identify multiple perspectives of the genre, music wise, which can only be seen as extremely positive of the music.

Luring is a recent act. No date of formation available, but the first Demo came out in 2018, so I assume that not many years have passed since the project’s foundation. 4 tracks of Slow, Dense and Haunting Black Metal, is what Luring delivers in this 2nd Demo, now released by Inferna Profundus Records (it had been released, previously, by Nithstang). Those that love the slow pace of the more Depressive line of Black Metal – without being DSBM – might find this interesting; listeners that opt for a more fast and “violent” Black Metal, this might not be the place to go to.

I love the fact that the vocals are almost buried beneath all the pain and suffering that the instruments send out to the listener. The music takes down a deep, dark hole, where the listener is confronted with his fears. One must appreciate this release, with their eyes closed. It does make an actual difference, in my opinion. Absorbing this and that; chasing the vocals and almost feeling the cold air; wrapped in this dark atmosphere, this heavy weight upon you.

I really love bands that are able to, with their music, craft such overwhelming atmospheres, placing the listener in the eye of the storm, in a strange sort of way. 4 tracks through which the listener travels down deep infested rivers and into small claustrophobic corridors. A journey into forests and mountains, cold, and the dark. Black Metal has always seemed, to be, as the soundtrack for all that is Dark and Haunting, and Luring does print that image into your mind, allowing you to live that moment, through their Music.

Inferna Profundus Records

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