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Deserted Fear – Dead Shores Rising

deserted fear – dead shores rising

After releasing 2 albums with F.D.A. Reocrds, Deserted Fear received a phone call from the staff of Century Media. If they were interested to sign with them…after convincing Simon the drummer with a couple of Jack ‘n Cokes they took accepted the offer. Their third album “Dead Shores Rising” is unmistakably Death Metal, but there are sure some differences with their previous albums. Unfortunately not really in their advantage as the sound is less Old School, less gritty sort of speak. The guitar sound but also the vocals are a bit to clean in the mix, which gives it a modern sound, more like a “Aborted-treatment”. With Dan Swäno responsible for mixing and mastering, I suspected something else. Also the Death Metal itself shifted a bit, from more Old School Swedish Death Metal with hints of Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets, it became more a mix of last decade-Amon Amarth and nowadays Evocation. That is not a problem, but with the clean sound, everything is a bit to “friendly”. With the sound of their first 2 albums, it would be far more decent…if you ask me, at least. (Ricardo)