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Asphyx – Incoming Death

asphyx – incoming death


This album is an umpteenth masterpiece from a band that has just written the most important pages in the extreme metal history. This review could end now, cause writing something new or making an examination of every single song would be just a loss of time; that’s what happens when a band is so “epic” , words simply become worthless. So, the better way to tell about a new work is describe it with emotions and feeling from a “nerd” – maniacal mind of a stupid metalhead who lives by passion in music: since I was a kid I found something weird and ‘gruesome’ in their immense and catchy sound, in their songs full of utter darkness; it’s normal for a kid being affected by a “new” extreme bands but I just knew that Asphyx were becoming important in my metal maniac career. Following a band in years means support them also in bad times, and bad times for Asphyx unfortunately happened so frequently after their first 2 albums golden era…support is when you love a band that releases a bad album, support is when you love a band that releases a masterpiece..or a decent album not so immense… support for me is not when : “I don’t like their new album, I won’t buy it fuck off”…I’m a nostalgic and for me this is crazy. I won’t write about all previous history of Asphyx cause who deserves to know it…just knows it!!I’m not talking about a new band or a 10 years old band…they are history and they’re an example to follow if you like this musical genre. Incoming Death is incredible, cause just right when you thought “Deathhammer” was the 2000’s masterpiece album , they lacerate the darkness with this follow up album that fall straight on your shoulders like a 100 tons hammer!!! Yes, their music is, and will always be like a powerful metal hammer so fuckin’ heavy…unbelievable how their guitars riffs, sometimes just ” simple” and not so technically complicated, are always so dynamic and energetic to your ears, so sharpened and never boring and never “I ‘ve just heard it before thousand times” !!!!” I think that their immense power is one simple thing: passion and dedication to some kind of music they first love to play, that’s why after almost 30 years, they’re still creating amazing vibes and keep us astonished on every album released: the difference with modern new bands will always be this little detail…the masters who created all, won’t never give up with their unique and unfathomless passion…so you worshippers, will always follow and never lead!!!! What else should be said about Incoming Death??Doom as we know it is a constant part of their music, slow parts are a trademark that will sink your souls into the deepest foggy hell…drums are pounding like a true deathhammer, the bass guitar pulses like ghosts breathing in shadows and the vocals…what can be said about the most amazing singer you can recognize between 273346345 metal bands in the whole world??? The whole album is breathless and once finished, you realize that you must wait few more years to own in your hands another gem from this cult band….

Century Media

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