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Evocation – Excised and Anatomised

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It seems Evocation keep on releasing music, as this EP is the third release within 1 year since they have ink dried up on the contract with Century Media. “Illusions of Grandeur” wasn’t received very well (drifting towards the Amon Amarth-style) and this EP will not change the general opinion on Evocation either, as it is a cover EP. Evocation’s tribute to some class acts and beautiful songs within the history of extreme metal. Or in Evocation’s words: “The end result not only pays homage to other death metal legends, but also acts as a tribute to the scene that Evocation has been part of since the band’s founding in 1991”. In most cases the original version is the best version, and “Excised and Anatomised” is not different there, but the Evocation versions are quite nice as well. Bolt Thrower’s “…For Victory!” and Carcass “Corporal Jigsore Quandary” now has a nice Swedish sound for example. At the Gates’ “Terminal Spirit Disease” is probably the track that stayed the same most…and it’s not a close call with the 4-second epos “You Suffer” of Napalm Death by the way, as that version is stretched compared with the original one! I did enjoy “Enigma”, originally by Edge of Sanity of their “Unorthodox” album. A killer song which has been forgotten by some, and as Dan Swäno mastered this EP, I wonder what his opinion is about this version…Nice 5 cover songs, probably for Evocation fanatics or cover-fans only. (Ricardo)