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Krisiun – Arise from Blackness

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The Death Certifcate Campaign of Century Media is quite a nice gesture towards Old School Death Metal fans around the world. All kind of re-releases, special vinyl editions and compilations of bands like Gorement, Evocation, Thanatos, Morbid and Sentenced. Or as they say “Without Death Metal Century Media simply would not be the label that it is nowadays”. No arguing there! This time it is Krisiun with some pre-“Black Force Domain” recordings. It’s really fun to hear the technical and ultrafast chaotic Death Metal again that made them noticed by the fans. Something I truly miss in their releases nowadays. That typical South American (and especially Brazilian) fury, a slight questionable production, controlled chaos and over the top riffs and leads. I guess it is not a surprise for you I still enjoy “Black Force Domain” a lot till this very day. This compilation contains the hard to find “Unmerciful Order” EP (1994) (although Century Media already released some of these tracks on the “Bloodshed” EP back in 2004) and the “Curse of the Evil One” split with Violent Hate (1993). On the “Unmerciful Order” part you hear Krisiun taking the step towards their “Black Force Domain” album with their fierce Death Metal. While on the “Curse of The Evil One”-part you can hear the starting era of Krisiun. Ofcourse the production is more muddy (the bass is almost drowning in the sound) but the songs are also a tad less interesting. Still, a nice document for Krisiun followers and fast technical Death Metal fans in general. (Ricardo)