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Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

watain – trident wolf eclipse


“Trident Wolf Eclipse”. 3 words, a simple artwork, and a single before the album release as well as some selected show announcement was all we received after a few years of extended touring and promoting of the last album “The Wild Hunt”. It gained Watain one of the top positions in (black) metal nowadays. Something that immediately stands out, is the simplistic cover marching more towards a rawer style of black metal piece, something that will be a part of the musical journey as well. The direction is clear. Back to less experimentations, more direct drive, more violence, more 90s feel and the album is shorter than its epic predecessor as well.  The guitar tone is pure Watain, but with a rawer touch too. The bass rumbling and the drums pounding. The latter could have been put a bit more in back in the mix like on previous efforts, but that is a matter of taste. Something I always liked about Watain is the song writing and their skills to write hooks, or “hits” if you want. They still got it. I think we will hear some of them on future shows becoming some band classics as well (the previously released single is one of ’em for sure). The epicness in terms of melodies/leads was kept in the song writing, but more subtle than on the last 2 albums. Watain went back to primal forms, changing the skin again while remaining the strong force they always were. Minor point from my side is that I really liked the ambitious and bright work they did on “The Wild Hunt” and would have liked to see If they would be capable to expand it even more, but who knows what the next effort will bring…If you liked their mid period stuff you could be a fan of “Trident wolf Eclipse” as well. Worth checking out.

Century Media

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