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Fonsadera – Macabre Damp [Demo]

fonsadera – macabre damp [demo]


Around about 15 years ago while I was working the night shift (10p.m.-6a.m.) in the bindery of a print shop, there was a huge rush/boom of Black Metal bands that came out around then that were pushing the rawness of raw to the point that some was just pure noise.

Well, I thought it was a great idea to use the machines that I had there at my disposal and my own vocals to create my own Mechanical Black Metal Noise band and see if I could actually do anything with it. Because, hey, some of the stuff that was out there, under the guise of real music, sounded even worse than what I had came up with bindery machinery, my voice and my phone. And let me tell you, it was bad, so bad I even called the band Shitstain. Needless to say, but I could never get the files good enough for Bandcamp to let me upload my project so Shitstain lays buried on an old micro SD card in a drawer, probably where is belongs.

So, with all that said this band, Fonsadera here that should be the real focus, is not nearly as mechanical or noisy or just plain shit as Shitstain was but they are still really fucking noisy and outright raw. But that does not instantly equate to it not being good. No, for ‘Macabre Damp’ seems to be the antithesis of what all thos bands back way then and to a point kind of what I was looking for in the extremely Raw noisy Black Metal sound. While still having the substance of good songwriting and performances among the noise.

With that being said I do really like this demo and am pretty sure that others who truly enjoy this style of extremely noisy Raw Black Metal will too. Because it is pretty damn good. But beyond that, for the most of you out there it may be just a bit too extreme for you. But then that raises a question in you. Are you gonna go check it out for yourself to find out if I’m right or not?


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