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Morbid Saint – Spectrum of Death [Re-release]

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Well, what to say about Morbid Saint? This band never(or almost) received the recognition they deserved in the past. Opening shows for Death and the likes, these guys showed the scene how refreshing trash metal with a portion of death can be. „Spectrum of Death“ is a masterpiece for himself. Although we are speaking about an entire compilation for this review, it is the aforementioned album itself which stands out as one of the best in the genre. Cannot tell you how many times I have listened to it. High octane death induced thrash which can cause brain damage and other pathologies. Simply amazing. They were very skilled at the time and continued great with a second album which only later saw the light of day(talking about „Destruction System“). Not as high paced as the predecessor but heavy as fuck(in a similar way like the 2 albums by Exhorder). On this compilation by Century Media we even got „The Black Tape“ and some tracks recorded between 2010-2011. A fantastic anthology you will like to have in your collection. (DPF)