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Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him

vallenfyre – fear those who fear him


I’ve been enjoying Paradise Lost’s Gregor Mackintosh his second band Vallenfyre more than once. A track like the opening track “Scabs” on the previous album “Splinters”, is just one hell of an Old School Death Metal grenade in my book. “Fear Them Who Fear Him” is an expected follow up of the previous 2 albums, although there are some differences. The sound remains Old School heavy, dark and blunt, but the tracks are more separate than a whole on this album. For instance the track “An Apathetic Grave” is one hell of Death/Doom track with typical Paradise Lost guitar leads during the chorus, while “Nihilist” is just a pure Old School crusty and grinding Death Metal track which lasses less than 2 minutes. Gregor went totally Napalm Death and Repulsion on that one. And he didn’t do this once…no sir, with “Kill All Your Masters” and “Dead World Breathes” he made a grinding Triple of it. And with “Cursed From The Womb” it is pure dark and desolate Doom Metal again. And between all this…Pure Old School Death Metal. I can imagine it is more difficult to get into this album due the differences between the tracks, but when you get it…you have a fine piece of extreme metal in your hands. (Ricardo)

A blend of musicians from other doom/death metal bands is what’s behind Vallenfyre…bassist/guitarist Hamish Hamilton Glencross from My Dying Bride, vocalist/guitarist Gregor Mackintosh from Paradise Lost and drummer Waltteri Väyrynen also from Paradise Lost are the threesome responsible for their third full-length titled “Fear those Who Fear Him”, a reference to mister Satan himself. What can you expect? A great cooperation between different music styles, but all categorized in the more extreme style such as death, doom, crust, gothic and even some thrash. Name it, old Entombed, Nihilist, Paradise Lost, At the Gates, Napalm Death, Celtic Frost …are all references to this album and come together in a nice blend of metal that sounds great. This is a true intense album and stand out tracks for me are ‘Nihilist’ and ‘Soldier of Christ’. (Fredde)


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