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Thanatos – Global Purification

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Thanatos, considered as the first extreme metal band from The Netherlands, has a career with a lot of ups and downs. Well, more downs actually. It was a struggle to be more precise. Always released a good album, but never got the recognition or the success others have. Thanatos can be seen as “that nice guy” who was always on the wrong time at the wrong place. Or having the gift to choose labels with financial problems. But nobody can’t deny the fighting spirit of Stephan Gebédi and company and kept Thanatos alive. Hopefully the fact that Century Media signed Thanatos will help to spread the hate a bit further. The material is certainly good enough as “Global Purification” is an excellent Death / Thrash Metal album. There is enough variation in the riffs and leads to keep it interesting and it’s aggressive all the way. Gebédi used Dark Angel’s “Darkness Descends” and Possessed’s “Seven Churches” as inspiration for intensity to compose “Global Purification”, so expect a fist in your guts with this one! (Ricardo)