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Dark Fortress – Venereal Dawn

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Sometimes you get confused or surprised by a given fact, like the 20-year existence of band like Dark Fortress. Time does fly. These Germans released 6 full-lengths filled with Melodic Black Metal prior to “Venereal Dawn” and albums like “Stab Wounds” and “Séance” were received very well. Dark Fortress gained a nice reputation and fan base because of those albums. The last albums evolved due the progressive influences and “Venereal Dawn” is no exception as the band members use experiences which they gain in their other bands. Being involved in a progressive extreme metal band like Noneuclid as well using the darkness of Triptykon, are all small things which result in “Venereal Dawn”. Hints of nowadays Mayhem, early 2000 Opeth (listen to “Lloigor”) along with continuing the style of the last two albums of their own discography will seal the deal. If you are open-minded in your Black Metal taste, and enjoy progressiveness as well as darkness, this will be an album to look out for. (Ricardo)