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The Lurking Fear – Death, Madness, Horror, Decay

the lurking fear – death, madness, horror, decay


Tomas Lindberg is like the Marvel Comics Wolverine of the metal multiverse. Everyone knows who he is and knows the main team he’s on but there is also the multiple other teams and appearances that we may know some of but probably not all. The guy is a machine, or maybe he just has an adamantium skeleton, a healing factor and claws. Hell, the year this album came out, 2021, he had two of his other acts release material as well. Always busy, just busy recording, promoting, playing live and also teaching social studies to middle and high schoolers in his and this band’s hometown, Gothenburg, Sweden. Are you ready, Bub?

But enough focusing with just one man (mutant), for there is the rest of his Uncanny X-Force teammates (The Lurking Fear) and their newest album ‘Death, Madness, Horror, Decay’. The Lurking Fear are a aggressive, steamrolling, bloody claws kind of Swedish Death Metal. Enough said right? Review over, Tomas Lindberg, Swedish Death Metal and an over arching Entombed reference, that’s it. Show’s over. But I can’t leave you there. For “I’ve got an appetite like a war and I always hunger for more”.

This covert team of murderous assassins (musically of course) all come from various other teams. All very busy in their own right, yet they all still find time to come together whenever needed. And a need there was, as there always is for more and more high quality Swedish Death Metal from some of the best people to have ever done it and still do it. We are talking about living legends in the genre here. Along with Tomas on the vokills you have equally as epic Archangel ie. Adrian Erlandsson on drum, Fantomex ie Fredrik Wallenberg on guitar and Deadpool ie. Andreas Axelsson on bass. And what this team have given us is a modern classic from a group that has a bunch of those under there belts already. So I could have really just finished after the second paragraph but I didn’t and hope you enjoyed reading this. Now go listen to The Lurking Fear’s ‘Death, Madness, Horror, Decay’ it’s fabulous, Bub.

The Lurking Fear

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