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Abduction – All Pain As Penance

abduction – all pain as penance


“All Pain as Penance” is a modern Black Metal attack on the senses, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. At first listen to this newest release from Abduction, and honestly my first experience with the band, I was blown away in learning this is a One Man Band. The tracks come together flawlessly and deliver a visceral punch from start to finish.

The guitars on “All Pain as Penance” are written and performed extremely well. With more than enough grit and gain that delivers heavy and vile dissonance for days, while maintaining note clarity and aggression. The Guitars display just enough melody laid over top the blistering tremolo runs and power riffs to make these tracks extremely well rounded. However, this record is not just a one trick pony, these fast and highly aggressive lines are blended to near perfection with Mid and Low paced jams laced with atmospheric layers to fill all of our Black Metal needs. The drums are also performed well in my honest opinion, giving the album a serious and aggressive base to build on. Vocally, A/V demonstrates great range and variety here as well. From high piercing shrieks, to near guttural pummeling, there is much here to enjoy. The vocals are possibly my favorite aspect of this particular release, giving us that old school Black Metal feeling, as well as adding his own style and emotion to elevate this record to a high level.

It does not take long to get what this album is all about, from the first note of the open track Infinite Ancient Hexes, we are slammed with fast and furious riffing and dark visceral vocals. The track is relentless and one hell of a way to open an album to say the very least. From there the album grows and matures with growing levels of skill and presentation. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Mgła. Do yourselves a favor and give this beast a spin.

Inferna Profundus Records

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