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Skeletal Remains – Fragments of the Ageless

skeletal remains – fragments of the ageless


Album nr. 5, 4 years in the making, otherworldly artwork and the logo that say Skeletal Remains, here we go!

As a fan since their inception I followed their path with high interest so far and the machine doesn’t stop! What happened in the 4 years? The new album features now the drumming by Pierce Williams and his job behind the kit, tremendous! The material, let’s say it, seems more demanding than ever! Besides the known influences from Morbid Angel and Gorguts we got more and more I think also Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse/early Hate Eternal thrown in. The pace is fast, the riffing chaotic finger breaking while still brutal as shit and with the right portion of groove and darkness, exactly my taste!

No compromises, no prisoners right from the beginning, with Chris Monroy being more cavernous with his voice than in the past, which suites the material pretty well, although I would wish for myself to hear the higher pitched ugliness a bit more haha. ‘Forever in Sufferance’ keeps your head spinning constantly. ‘Verminous Embodiment’ has got that Cannibal groove and twisted riffage, something Skeletal Remains perfected in their songwriting and musicianship. ‘Ceremony of Impiety’ is an instrumental like than on the classics from the 90s, giving you a moment to breath before the carnage continues. With ‘ Unmerciful ’, right before the last instrumental, Skeletal Remains wrote once again a slower, gut drenched monster of a track with so much heaviness it might challenge Corpsegrinder’s neck! Killer melodic lead filled section towards the end before the slasher strikes back unmercifully! The record closes with an atmospheric piece played by the 4 which highlights everyone once again (that bass) and show some more creative parts in their DNA.

This record needs more than one spin to grasp all the finesse they put in to it, worth every minute.

Killer work by the 4 maniacs with new bass player Brian Rush, can’t wait to catch them in Europe once their back!

Century Media

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