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Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

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The news during recording of the new album which was published on the internet seemed to be of the hopeful kind. Hopeful for those who can get berserk on phrases like “roots” and “grunt” among others. Some were already counting on something heavy as Gregor Mackintosh released a very good album with Vallenfyre’s “Splinters”. But also the huge surprise of Nick Holmes joining Bloodbath to lend them his raw vocals, make one wonder how a new Paradise Lost would sound like. Would they follow the path they have chosen with “Tragic Idol” (which I still enjoy ‘till this very day, great album) or are they inspired by the external factors to throw in some Old School Death / Doom Metal? A little bit of both. They don’t go back all the way, but there are certainly hints as Holmes vary his vocals between the clean/normal one we are used to it, and a growl. But not a growl you’ve heard on “Lost Paradise”, but it is raw. The slowest song every written by Paradise Lost, “Beneath Broken Earth” is the best example of stepping towards a more Old School approach. Slow, heavy, pounding drums, typical Mackintosh leads…a true Doom/Death hymn! The female vocals on “An Eternity of Lies” are spot on as well, along with the mix of clean vocals and the growl of Holmes. Besides the aformentioned musical content, you will also hear traditional Doom and the rockin’ vibe you heard on “Tragic Idol”. If you don’t expect a 100% Old School Doom/Death Metal album, but do like some variation which can be found in the back catalogue of Paradise Lost, you will certainly enjoy every minute of “The Plague Within”. “Hail to nothingness…You wish to die!!!” (Ricardo)