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Soulburn – The Suffocating Darkness

soulburn – the suffocating darkness


It’s have been a while since “Feeding on Angels” was released back in 1998. I still consider that album as a terrific Old School Death Metal album and listen to it frequently ‘till this very day. But for the ones who don’t know Soulburn…at first you have the mighty Asphyx and after the not that well received album “God Cries” in 1996, Asphyx was put to rest. Theo Loomans, Bob Bagchus and Eric Daniels formed Soulburn and released a demo. Theo got replaced by Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle) and the debut album “Feeding on Angels” was released by Century Media. An album that Death Metal fans and press considered as a an album that deserved the logo of Asphyx on it. While writing new material, Soulburn became Asphyx again because the members couldn’t deny the Asphyx resemblance, and released “On The Wings of Inferno” in 2000. Let us leap forward towards 2013. To The Gallows was formed by Bob and Rogga Johansson (you can’t write an extreme Metal zine without mentioning him once) to play some tunes in the vein of old Bathory and invited Eric and Henri Sattler (ex-God Dethroned) as well. While writing the music it became clear that they are writing a Soulburn album. Rogga left, Henri left and Remco Kreft (Grand Supreme Blood Court, Nailgun Massacre) and Twan van Geel (Flesh Made Sin, Legion of the Damned) filled in the open spots. And fuckin’ hell, it’s 100% Soulburn, it’s a 100% continuation of “Feeding on Angels”. Overall this second album is a bit darker yet I can’t help noticing some riffs that I also have heard on the debut album. And this is absolutely not a bad thing, as I don’t know a lot of other bands who have the typical Eric Daniels riffs and leads. The difference between the two albums are the vocals, as Wannes has his own typical style (the so-called Martin van Drunen-style) as Twan has more a Black Metal approach. And don’t forget the trademark-drums of mr. Bagchus. Maybe I’m biased, as I’m a huge fan of everything Eric Daniels and Bob Bagchus both release, but you have to give this one a spin!

Century Media

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