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Dødsferd – Skotos [EP]

dødsferd – skotos [ep]

With quite some releases throughout the years of existence of Dødsferd, the creativity of Wrath, the main man behind the Greek Black Metal entity, doesn’t stop and keeps on composing “fiery, emotionally-charged Black Metal”. The EP is released on 7”, as well as on CD and cassette, although the CD and cassette version has the full-length “Diseased Remnants of a Dying World”, which was released in 2018, added on.

Although the Depressive Suicide Black Metal influences are lurking in the dark concerning Dødsferd, the tracks “Skotadi” and “Cursed to Die at First Light” have a more straightforward tremolo riffing Black Metal approach with hints of Nattefrost, without the raw distorted sound, or Dødsferd older material itself. More cold than sorrowful sort of speak.

Not an all-important Black Metal release concerning the stream of releases nowadays, but it is a satisfying one who are more into the older material of Dødsferd. (Ricardo)