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Dødsferd – Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow Part II

dødsferd – suicide and the rest of your kind will follow part ii

Did I just review the “Skotos” EP of Dødsferd which is step towards the beginning days of the band, with “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow Part II”, indeed…a follow up of the Part I which was released in 2009, we are back to the more nowadays Dødsferd. The DSBM influences are far more present with high tortured vocals, repeating riffs, acoustic passages and spoken parts with despair as main element of tone, along with a touch of Doom.

During “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will follow: The Red Lake of Your Innocence” you get keys, a cello, a saxophone, some fitting solos, that kind of “vintage radio” filter on the vocals and the list goes on. Same as with the second track “Servants of Ego and Filth: The Bastard Sons of Nature” which also has a kind of 80s Wave clean vocals in it. This album has 2 songs of both 17 and 18 minutes and it is a bit of roller-coaster when it comes the song structure and musical ideas, but it keeps the attention throughout the songs.

Not the easiest (depressive) Black Metal to digest, but certainly a welcome one. (Ricardo)