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Dødsferd – Diseased Remnants of a Dying World

dødsferd – diseased remnants of a dying world


Black metal is one of the genre’s that i have to be in the mood for alot of the times however there are some gems that I keep in my rotation pretty heavily so i’m no slouch on the subject. As i sit here on this cold, gloomy day in small town Kentucky (population of about 6,500 people) I turned on, “Diseased Remnants of A Dying World” and immediately transformed my view as I see a cold dark cabin in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a blanket of snow on the ground with the moon reflecting and there is no sounds. No bugs, no wind, no rustling of trees. Dark, bleak, and cold are the best ways to describe the entire vibe of the album. Obviously in the best way possible.

As the album starts with the opening track, “My Father, My Wrath!” captures that essence of the album as far as starting off bone chilling and evil with a ton of clean singing that almost feel like chants to the big guy downstairs and completely hypnotize the listener, however its not until the second track titled, “An Existence Without Purpose” that the album really takes it shape and show it’s melodic evilness with no shortage of blast beats but seemingly weeve it’s way to intricate guitar riffing and blast beats to more slowed down evil stuff. One of my favorite things about this album is the production as it feels raw enough to hold it’s flame to some of the most raw BM stuff but is also clear enought that the blast beats don’t drown out the guitar riffs (not that, that’s a problem). The vocal performance on this album is superb, Wrath completely transforms this album for me. His vox take this release to a whole other level of ominous. The way he lets his voice screech too almost a break in his voice is masterful and you can hear how good his control can be.  You can feel the pain that it’s trying to put on the listener. Especially in the last track, “Back to my homeland… My last Breath” which basically sounds like the court yard of the Salem Witch Trials except when they burn the witches the actual demons come out of them.

All in all I am absolutely stunned by this album. These evil Greek Black Metal worshippers absolutely do what they intended to do on this album. Give the listener a feeling of unease while maintaining their unique blend of music that I honestly think will go down as a classic in the genre. Take a knee, bow your head and praise your worth to the dark being. (JonG)

Transcending Obscurity Records

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