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Aphonic Threnody – The Great Hatred

aphonic threnody – the great hatred


We have been a little sluggish here at VM Underground when it comes to the British/Chilean/Italian Funeral/Death Doom Metal band Aphonic Threnody. ‘The Great Hatred’, released back in 2020 on CD by Transcending Obscurity Records is somewhat behind the times in that the band, being their usual prolific selves, have released two more albums since this one, but we try and review everything we get sent here at VM, no matter how long it takes.

A deeply moving an atmospheric opening track, ‘Locura’ feels like it should be a part of some big budget Hollywood epic filled with swords and sorcery. It has some enchanting vocal harmonics as part of its undertone whilst the main body of vocal work is mournful, gravelly growling power. As you would expect from a band of this type the guitar leads are intricate, passionate and tell a story all of their own, whilst the backline of both drums and bass is sturdy, controlled and supremely heavy.

I guess if you are going to call your album ‘The Great Hatred’ you are never going to produce something not completely dripping with emotional fervour and candour, and Aphonic Threnody don’t let you down. This album screams with anguish and the melancholic atmosphere is both oppressive and unrelenting.

‘The Great Hatred’ is another chapter in a very good read, another high quality album release that is both sorrowful and yet crushing, on an emotional and physical plain. At the same time both beautifully poetic and also a soul scorching listening experience. (Marksson)

Aphonic Threnody

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Transcending Obscurity Records

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