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Serpent Of Old – Ensemble Under The Dark Sun

serpent of old – ensemble under the dark sun


Transcending Obscurity Records, you know, the label that is responsible for releasing some rather stellar recordings from bands such as Veilburner, Wombbath and Ashen Horde, to name a few. Is proud to announce their newest, as of October 2022 that is, band in Serpent of Old. And as of June 30 in the year of this year, 2023, they will be releasing their debut full-length album in outstandingly titled ‘Ensemble Under The Dark Sun’.

This Turkish band play a very visious and luxurious style of Blackened Death Metal. As per what the band has said; what you will hear on this debut is mostly “compositional elements of Black Metal with structures of Death Metal”. And that is pretty much it but for the fact that there just seems to be something fresh and new about how they go about it. All while still sounding like something you’ve listened to and loved a hundred times over. The dicotomy is outstanding. Like equal parts Ulcerate and Dead Congregation and not at the same time. It’s brutal, it’s beautiful, it’s interesting.

Being a huge fan of this style and Serpent of Old’s take on it, I do have one minor complaint. Well, it really isn’t a complaint, per say, but more a personal feeling. And this also may be a selling point for others. Yet I can not shake the feeling that if the production was not so precise and clear that I would love and feel ‘Ensemble Under The Dark Sun’ just that much more. For some reason an album like this just feels like it needs a layer of disgusting delicious filth over the top. That aside, the production is amazing, even if it’s not my cup of tea for the style.

On a side note. The cover art by Santiago Caruso is absolutely stunning. I just love when the outside and inside of an album art just as exciting and exceptional as the music within.

My personal problems aside, this is one hell of a strong debut album. One that shows songwriting, precision, feeling and maturity that still escapes bands that have been around and trying for a long time. And if this is the start of Serpent of Old, then I am excited for their future because ‘Ensemble Under The Dark Sun’ is phenomenal.

Serpent Of Old

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