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Verthebral – Abysmal Decay

verthebral – abysmal decay


From Ciudad del Este, a beautiful commercial town in Paraguay I recommend to visit, comes this powerful a very USA style influenced Death Metal band, released by the prominent Transcending Obscurity Records that’s revealing very great releases this last years.

In my personal view and experience, Paraguay is a country that is most ruled by Thrash, Speed, Heavy and Black Metal acts, so bands like Verthebral are a fresh surprise and a real promise as well.

Deicide comes to mind, with their first 3 albums and also very much Florida and L.A. like as I can hear some old Vital Remains (“Let Us Pray”) and Sadistic Intent as well. “Abysmal Decay” beholds very good solos and a real strong drum pedal work that makes this, their second full length, a highly recommended piece of Death Metal.

Besides that I really love the album cover and the aforementioned pounding drum work by Denis Viveros which I consider as remarkable. Cristhian Rojas does his bass and vocal duties in a good way but the guitar tunes and solos by Daniel Larroza and Alberto Flores are the highlights of this album. It takes me back to the Obituary “Slowly we Rot” solos where there is a certain distance, like they are floating between the music.

The most I like with this kind of Death Metal bands, is the fact they are focused and worried about to make good music instead of making a particular image more important than the music, be it dark, evil, satanic or whatever. And I’m sorry for my insistence to promote the unknown but you can rekcon they have rehearsed a lot before recording and take care of each detail to result in a good release.

I’m really sure their next release, be it third full length or an EP, will be even better, also Paraguay is not an easy country to finance rehearsal rooms and recording sessions so all this points shows when there’s real passion, rehearse and effort, goals can be achieved.

Sum up, do yourself a favour and try to get this album. (Gangrene Pus)


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