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Coexistence – Collateral Dimension

coexistence – collateral dimension

Ah, Progressive and Technical Death Metal. A genre that can make or break it by the stubbornness of the creators but also the blindness of the fans. Before you’re going to whine about this; do you think there are more Meshuggah tattoos…or the goat of Bathory ones? Just to point out being a great musician or master of your instrument, doesn’t give you the ability to write a good and catchy song. Couldn’t care if you have the most strings on your guitar or move your fingers like the Tasmanian Devil, if you can only write songs structures and riffs only a spastic person with epileptic attacks can follow and nod along with, I can still say you’re a great musician, but not a great songwriter.

Coexistence, having Leonardo Bellavista of Burial in the ranks, are on the good side of the balance but does get a bit too much at some points. If you have enjoyed Carcariass’ “Killing Process”, you will hear lots of resemblances while listening to this album, which is a good thing in my book by the way. But sometimes it tends to sink in the jazzy-swamp and keeps on lingering in drawn-out creations. If it is up to me, 5 to 7 minutes less would be the master stroke here. (Ricardo)