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Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer

trench warfare – hatred prayer

Texas-based Blackened Death Metal newcomers Trench Warfare’s debut full-length release, “Hatred Prayer,” is a scathing display of ultra viciousness. The 12 tracks are short, furious bursts of brutality with the longest track barely exceeding the three-minute mark. The band’s simplistic approach to death metal includes no melodies, no guitar solos, no grooves, no gratuitous slams and no homogeneous breakdowns; just relentless aural assaults at break-neck speed.

Opener “Decimate Legions” begins with an eerie, futuristic intro decorated with sampled laser sounds which soon explodes into filthy, buzz saw riffs, battering blastbeats and putrid, harsh-barked vocals from Jay Gorania. From there, it’s a non-stop, demolition of brutal Death Metal.

There’s nothing too extraordinary or highly original about “Hatred Prayer,” but if you like to have your ears raped with a combination of bestial Black Metal, ‘90s-style Floridian Death Metal and war metal for 34 minutes, then “Hatred Prayer” is just what the doctor ordered. (KaosSimms)