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Live Burial – Unending Futility

live burial – unending futility

UK based Death/Doom goliath Live Burial is not here to play nice. “Unending Futility” – the new album, released this April by Transcending Obscurity – introduces itself to the world by “Seeping Into The Earth”. This is the title of the opening track, yes, but it also very much sounds like what is actually occurring… Live Burial is seeping into the earth, and taking anyone who dares to listen right down with them. This is some seriously demonical egress, ladies and gentlemen, and about as subtle as a battle axe bow tie.

The brutality with which the guitars (played by Richard Codling and Rob Hindmarsh) tear through your ears is every bit as impressive as the likes of Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Hooded Menace, and Death (in this case even more prominent given Jamie Brown’s vocal approach). By the time the third track – a stand out tune called “Swing of the Pendulum” – it is also quite obvious that the band’s sound is aided a great deal by Lee Anderson’s bass guitar work.

“Rotting on the Rope” gives drummer Matt Henderson seven minutes to shine, bringing the album to an almost unreasonable apex, but after only a brief moment of quiet contemplation atop this mountain of Doom, the band takes a deep breath then jumps off head first into the massively destructive “Cemetery Fog”, which works just as well metaphorically as the album comes to an end.

I cannot recommend this record enough. “Unending Futility” is Live Burial’s second full length release, and I don’t mind telling you, I’m excited as hell to hear what they come up with next. (VUK)