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Goregäng – Neon Graves

goregäng – neon graves

When you look at the “Neon Graves” artwork (which is awesome by the way) you’ll probably expect full on Old School Death Metal, and that’s what you get. But wait, there’s more! Goregäng surely delivers on the OSDM front but successfully combines it with touches of crust and hardcore punk and manages to melt it together in a coherent and own sound.

This Florida based duo does a stellar job with laying excellent death metal riff upon death metal riff, heavy as fuck without exception and most notable when they slow down to mid tempo which they do quite a bit. The crust and hardcore influences come in the form of the drumming, the background shouting and the catchy well timed breaks. Don’t worry Death Metal purists, this never takes the overhand and only compliments the OSDM feel of this debut album. At best these influences just make it a bit more catchy than your average Death Metal album and there’s no harm in that.

I don’t know if there are plans to do live shows (since it is a duo) but I’m sure they get a crowd moving in no time! Especially if they can close to the sound of this album, because the production is great also. Clear without sounding clinical and enough low to support those heavy riffs and drums.

All with all a great debut and one of the better death metal releases for me this year. (MartijnK)