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Illimitable Dolor – Leaden Light

illimitable dolor – leaden light

Psychological pain, loss and grief are very powerful motifs when it comes to writing music, but it’s really difficult to present it in a way that’s not boring to someone who had never encountered it. There’s a very thin line between someone making a Death / Doom masterpiece, filled with melancholy and atmosphere, and someone playing at a quarter of the snail speed. The key element here is (in my personal opinion) are emotions and passion about what you do.

Australian band Illimitable Dolor grew out of the ashes of the band The Slow Death who disbanded after their vocalist Gregg Williamson passed away due to heart failure and their new band surely explains how much they miss their friend. This is music that needs a lot of patience, but it will reveal the beauty and force with which grief can strike you. It is filled with sad growls and just enough a bit faster moments so the whole thing doesn’t grow boring and stale. Mournful melody entvines with exceptionally heavy slow riffs to build atmosphere worthy of their name, which actually translates to ‘Unending pain’. (Black Mary)