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Nigredo – Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced

nigredo – flesh torn-spirit pierced

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to listen to Transcending Obscurity`s sampler which was huge and full of great tracks I can recommend easily. One of the bands that kept my attention were Nigredo, a Black Metal band from Greece with  members from Embrace Of Thorns, Ravencult and more. So it is easy to say that they know how to play. The production fits the music perfect, which reminds of bands like Inquisition (occasionaly), Bestial Mockery, first wave black metal or country fellows Devathorn in some parts. The vocals are similar to the ones of Devathorn and every word is well placed. The speed varies from groove double bass driven thrashy up-tempo beats to blast eruptions. The guitars play a lot of open chords to create a hypnotic atmosphere and then change into tremolo picking. Well done! A few parts really stand out, I can imagine that these guys are capable to write even greater albums in the future and to distinguish themselves even more from others in the genre. This is a good debut which I would like for you to check out. (DPF)