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Eternal Storm – Come the Tide

eternal storm – come the tide

We’ve got something interesting from Madrid (Spain) as Eternal Storm presents a very interesting interpretation of melodic Death Metal.

The opening track with its two parts gives the perfect example. After a little guitar intro the first part creates a blast beat wall that will destroy everything in its path, but then comes part number two. After one minute we witness a beautiful saxophone solo. The whole music performance gives the absolute perfect surrounding for the variations of the vocals. You will hear deep down growls, nice melodic Death Metal screaming and wonderful clean singing. You have to listen to this piece of music for several times to hear all the little fills and melodies. It is nice when a band can mix a lot of musical influences and sound unique at the same time.

Even if you are not into melodic Death Metal you can give “Come the tide” a try. I hope Eternal Storm won´t run out of ideas in the near future. Muy bien! (HaCeBo)