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Feral / Crawl – Made as Those Who Are No Longer Alive [Split]

feral / crawl – made as those who are no longer alive [split]


When two Death Metal bands from Sweden do a split together, then you know that you must have some sort of hellish force to be reckoned with! Standing firm in the traditional old school Death Metal style, label mates Feral and Crawl unite to unleash hell with this split EP. Being five years since both bands had releases, this new split offering not only brings out new material but also some sickly structured songs that shows off their individual sounds.

Starting off, Feral begins the attack with a song titled ‘From the Ancient Tombs’. Heavy chugging guitars flow strong to a mid-tempo beat like the feeling that you are driving a tank into a battle scene. A thunderous heavy bass reinforces the fullness while accompanied by savagely hit drums and gut-wrenching vocals that wreak of torment! Back from the foul depths, Feral certainly returns with a vengeance to show why they are one of top bands of the OSDM scene.

Next, Crawl brings out their weaponry of dead corpses spewing up HM-2 fueled madness to wreak havoc on all humanity! With superior crunch and tearing of flesh in their tone combined with the screeching feedback in between, there isn’t any holding back here. Hints of Autopsy and Dismember can be felt while remnants of old punk add to Crawl’s overall sound. You just can’t go wrong with that! Vile and heavy, Crawl does not pull any punches with this and just vomits all over your feet without regret!

Overall, this split is short but is also disgustingly sweet! It holds the itch off for a bit before the eventual longing of more agony filled dirty death metal by both these bands who are keeping this style of Death Metal very undead and well. Definitely worth your time to listen to and crank it loud!

Transcending Obscurity Records

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