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Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust of Aeons

towards atlantis lights – dust of aeons


Towards Atlantis Lights is a Doom supergroup composed of members of Aphonic Threnody, Pantheist, and Void of Silence. If you are familiar with any of those bands, you’ll have a decent idea of what “Dust of Aeons” sounds like, but what will really hit this one out of the park for you is if you’re familiar with all three of those bands. Because this band is a perfect combination of the elements each member has provided in their other work. If you are not familiar with any of these groups, have no fear! It isn’t terribly difficult to explain, or digest.

Towards Atlantis Lights makes Funeral Doom music, which always gets high marks from me because I believe the best of it is incredibly well-written and complex while still maintaining an effortless listening experience. There are heavy, down-tuned, fuzzed out guitars. There are layers of synthesisers providing the kind of atmosphere typically reserved for film scores. The drums are mostly slow moving, but also extremely persistent. The best Funeral Doom drummers do well in keeping the listener fastened to their seats for what are usually very long songs. In “Dust of Aeons” case, the longest of the four tracks is just over thirty-minutes.

Ivan Zera (Void of Silence) and Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist) steal the show on this record, providing phenomenal guitar and vocal work, respectively. Zera seems on a planet all to himself, while Panagiotou’s vocal range goes from droning delicacy to crushing growls at the drop of a hat. Panagiotou also fills in any potential gaps in the sound with highly effective keyboard work.

“Dust of Aeons” came out on Transcending Obscurity Records back in the spring of 2018, though I must confess to not knowing about its existence until earlier this year. To be honest, I’m glad for that, because had I heard this album back then I don’t think I’d have been able to appreciate it for the glorious work of art it is. That is, perhaps, it’s greatest (although only) weakness. Towards Atlantis Lights is so good at making Funeral Doom music, one really must have a bit of a listening history with the genre in order to understand where “Dust of Aeons” fits in the scheme of things.

As Funeral Doom goes, Towards Atlantis Lights is top of the crop here. They could quite easily leave this as their one and only statement on the matter. It is a powerfully beautiful and haunting musical experience that any fan of Doom will most certainly love to death. If you haven’t yet checked this one out, I suggest you make it a listening priority. (VUK)

Towards Atlantis Lights

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