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Gateway – Galgendood

gateway – galgendood


Mutli-instrumentalist and Gateway’s sole mastermind, Robin van Oyen writes some of the most enjoyable miserable music the world has ever had the pleasure to experience. From their downright depressingly fantastic debut, ‘Gateway’, released all the way back in 2015 and on all the way through a single and the line of EPs that came next. Up until 2018’s devastating delightful ‘Boundless Torture’, which Gateway had us believing to be their final release, their dire swansong. But, thank Satan, for Robin van Oyen decided to resurrect this beast of a project in 2020, followed shortly in 2021 with the devastatingly delicious gloom of the ‘Flesh Reborn’ EP.

Now, in the year 2023, we are finally graced with a second full-length album worth of outstanding Death/Doom from Gateway, one for us all to injest and wallow in. As with most artists, they progress and grow with each and every release they do and Gateway here are no exception. For on ‘Galgendood’, they have reached new heights of misery and gloom. Once again, as in a past review of Gateway, I will say, if you already know Gateway, you know Gateway and what you should be expecting, yet this is just a huge step better. For those not in the know, Gateway’s style of Death/Doom Metal extremely primal and vile, while still being able to show glimmers and glimpses of hope throughout. True wretched art. And with ‘Galgendood’ here Robin van Oyen has truly perfected his chosen craft.

This is a true miserable masterpiece of Death/Doom Metal. One that is sure to be a new benchmark on the genre. Everywhere I have seen reviews for Gateway, they all seem to agree that Gateway produce music that is the soundtrack to Hell. Well, me personally, if Gateway’s music and ‘Galgendood’ is the soundtrack to Hell, then sign me up because this is one amazing soundtrack to suffer for eternity through.

Transcending Obscurity Records

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