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Mournful Congregation – The Incubus Of Karma

mournful congregation – the incubus of karma


Imagine yourself immersed within time and space, that grey area that no one knows about. Purgatory of lifeless souls wandering through the abyss. floating aimlessly through the stars with nothing left. Soundscapes that are haunting but give closure. Closure to life. the conclusion of all. Death.

“The Incubus of Karma” hits hard and stays even longer. Lasting melodies that seem too carry you to the after life. with the first song, “The indwelling Ascent” really sets the mood of the album great with an instrumental song that is as beautiful as it is haunting. Causing massive swells of guitars it sweeps over you like an ocean tide hitting the beach, as it fades comes the darkness. “Whispering Spiritscapes” comes in and makes the tides even bigger, sweeping your body out into the abyss and crushing it under the pressure of the waves. Starts off with a haunting guitar lead and moves right into the heaviness we all know and love from the Funeral Doom masters. The entire album is a perfect blend of beautiful and crushing music all put together in one.

All of the songs take you on a journey that seem endless but when you get to the end it just feels sudden enough to pull you back in. The guitar tone is absolutely stunning and really stands out from the rest of the album especially on the instrumental songs on the album the aforementioned, “The indwelling Ascent” and my favourite song on the album and title track, “The Incubus of Karma” which puts you directly in the path of a spiritual trip to the stars and I feel like they should all have fans blowing their hair in the wind. Hahahaha.

Not that we expected anything less from these guys but this album is up there with their best work. From the amazing album art to the art of the music it’s a perfect Doom record that is bound to hypnotize the listener and give them visions of space and time.

Mournful Congregation

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