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Cohol – Rigen

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According to their Facebook-Page the Japanese band Cohol is playing Blackened Death Crystal, This is going to be interesting. The first time I booted this fucker up I had literally no idea what to expect, But man was I in for a treat! The first track, a nice melodic interlude immediately puts you in a mood, It gives a feeling of gloom and strikes you with a melancholic touch with a simplistic drum-beat collaborating with soothing guitar melodies, very nice for a starter. The second track just BURIES you in at first insanely loud kickdrums, the guitars rip through you at phenomenal speed, barfing out a spot on blackmetal tone, God this shit blows me away, and that’s just the first track. At the end of the song I was just flabbergasted and went into the next track with my mouth opened wide. The next track “Chaos Ruler” Opens up with a very Behemoth like drumming pattern ditto guitarwork and it sounds catchy as fuck, I could not keep my head from moving franticly back and forth, the musicianship is simply mindblowing, all three members play if this will be their last effort. Next up is the quite for me, progressive sounding “Depressive”, it starts out with a very solid sounding bass-line and some melodic guitars adding to the atmosphere, really mood-feeding, it evolves into a slowish distorted riff, then it suddenly turns into a blastbeat fed dissectionish sounding piece, it keeps on stampeding your head in, Satan PLEASE MORE. And the next track will give you more and more what we all love, Blastbeats, Downtuned badass riffs, pounding drums and a low end that makes your innards go mad, especially the guitarwork is extremely fucken awesome. “Endless ember” starts out with a silenced intro, then blasts into a melodic masterpiece containing more sweet melodic parts, fitting solo’s and relentless blasting. At the end it just grabs you, forcing you to chant along and moves you slowly towards the next song. And that song “Arche Pathogen”, Starts out with a creative spooky opening and yet again erupts in a violent and relentless tremolo driven, supported by blastbeats work of unholy art, the execution is fucken flawless and the midsection is just orgasmic. The subsequent part of the song is a slow-paced crusher, forcing you to bang/nod your head and join in on the inaudible vocal parts. The last and longest track, has after many listening sessions become my favourite, especially the part after the first solo, all I can say its been a long time that a piece of music has moved me this much, I absolutely love that part, after that the song abruptly morphs into a slow, sludgy ballcrusher, with spoken parts nice open chord melodies, tasty drumming, the song ends with a lengthy atmospheric outro. Cohol impressed me, the songs are written very well, the musicianship is flawless and the production fits the whole album, the only thing I can think of to complain about is; The quite loud kickdrum sound (which in the end didn’t disturb me as much)and the bassguitar seems to fall out of place here and there, other than that I recommend this album to anyone interested in extreme metal. (Lennart)


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