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Pernicion – Seek What They Sought [EP]

pernicion – seek what they sought [ep]

What do you get when you mix Incantation with a little bit of Morbid Angel? Well, I would say you would get the band Pernicion. A killer Death Metal band from Birmingham, England, who put out a excellent slab of death in their new, debut EP “Seek What They Sought.” From the gritty atmosphere to the dungeonous death bellows, everything is spot on perfect old school grimy death metal.

Formed in, what appears to be, 2018 by Anil Carrier, who handles all the instrumentation, and Dan Benton, who takes care of vocals. Joining together as a studio only band “at the current time,” according to their Facebook page.

Every instrument, every vocal line is easily available to be heard while still having that crust of dirty atmosphere that we all love so much. All around, “Seek What They Sought” is a great example of how to do atmospheric, gritty old school Death Metal without complete plagiarism like the most out now days. I’m gonna cut this review off here, much like this EP, it’s short and to the point and it fucking rules (the EP rules, not my review). (Ben Schultz)