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Winter Deluge – Degradation Renewal [EP]

winter deluge – degradation renewal [ep]

Autumus and Arzryth are the driving force of Winter Deluge, a Black Metal from New Zealand. Both brothers who share the Baylis surname are strict and forward with their musical ideas concerning Winter Deluge and Black Metal in general; raging Second Wave Black Metal as core with Thrash and typical Black/Death influences when possible.

With the “Degradation Renewal” EP, Winter Deluge is spreading their 5th release to exterminate human life, with 2 full-lengths prior to this EP. With Seelenfresser they have a German vocalist in the militarist ranks who gives a bit of the extra hateful approach when he throws in some icy German lyrics. There is something about that language which can enhance the fierceness within up-tempo Black Metal. Vicious Black Metal in the vein of Marduk, 1349 and Immortal (the deadly Black Metal approach on “Blizzard Beasts”), and Deströyer 666 when it comes to the blend with Thrash.

And although I can’t deny the viciousness Winter Deluge has on this EP, and I can’t say I was bored for one second, it just doesn’t have that “you must listen to this”-factor to recommend to you all. Still, curious what they will come up with on a next release. (Ricardo)