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Demonized – Demonized

demonized – demonized


Demonized may be a newcomer for the masses, but they are already known from their split album with Domain. Domain you say? They are nowadays known as Ravager, also on the Osmose rooster…and also with the same bandmembers! The split with Domain was released by Mexican label American Line Productions and contained 3 songs, of which one was a cover of Metal Church’s self titled track. After the Hellbirth-split, Demonized worked on new material and planned to release their debut album through Evil Vengeance Records, which was owned by former Angel Corpse string torturer Gene Palubicki. Unfortunately they went out of business and Demonized decided to ink a deal with Osmose Productions. Antimo (also known from the Mexican Disgorge) and blasphemous company see Demonized as a project and are only interested in releasing albums, so no live gigs for these guys…..yet.

Black metal? Death Metal? I’ve seen all kind of references about Demonized and I bet you have too. Wanna have mine? I hear a lot of Angelcorpse in this 30 minute whirlwind and you may decide yourself whether it is Death or Black metal, as Angelcorpse have been described as both…or as a hybrid. Maybe you will not believe me after hearing the opener “Diableria”, which starts as a usual intro, but when the guitars kick in it gives a thrashy atmosphere. From the first tunes of “Legions of the Horns” you can’t deny my thought. Before you get me wrong, Demonized is not an Angelcorpse rip off but they do deliver a good album in the Angelcorpse vein. Fast paced Black/Death metal which results as a little chaotic assault made by a Slayerized 666 String Tormentor, an Executioner 666 Drum Destruktor and a Pandemonic Commandaments who is also the 666 String Profanator and Bass-Phemous Axe. This must be a hell of an album! Serious, like I said before this is an album in the Angelcorpse vein without being a rip off. If it was just a simple rip off I wouldn’t push the repeat button after the first spin,and the second spin and the third spin…..


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