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Vastum – Orificial Purge

vastum – orificial purge



A one word review is all that is required here, and so  it is.


What, not good enough? You haven’t heard of them? Are you living in a fucking cage still listening to “Slowly We Rot” and hugging “Leprosy” tightly to your chest in case it get’s away from you just like your last partner did because you where just a boring cunt? Jesus man, get a hold of yourself. Vastum. VASTUM!! Say it! Yep, these San Franciscan folk bring some of the finest Death Metal you will ever hear, and that is a fucking fact. From “Carnal Law”, to “Patricidal Lust”, and then onto “Hole Below”, you will hear no better a band. Their latest, “Orificial Purge” Just entrenches them even further into the list of the MUST HAVE.

Why? Well if you can out riff them, out growl them, and just be any better than this, then I suggest you tuck in your chicken wings and have a shot yourself you stupid fuck. Vastum bring with them a wealth of such knowledge and Death Metal richness that it is almost impossible that they have only been around for eight odd years, and to say that they can still continue to put out such sheer fucking brilliance makes me so much more in awe of them. Some bands have hiccups, some turn to utter shite, but not these people.

Track three, “Abscess Inside Us” gives you the clear idea of how vastly different this band can be, in both song structure and power. Clearly not the biggest thumper on this one, but holy shit Batfuck, if this one doesn’t  make you salivate like some dude called Pavlov’s dog every time you hear it, then you are either tone deaf, stupid, or some kind of monkey cross man hybrid without ears, or just plain dumb. “Reveries in Autophagia” is the kind of shit that makes any band you can name invalid, because it made me rock hard in a metal kind of way through the sheer display of riffery on offer, and let me tell you, it’s an offer you cannot refuse.

Could it get any better..Yes. “His Sapphic Longing” is another moment of perfect riff, perfect placement, perfect musical passage so on and so on. Death/Doom? The interplay between main vocalist Daniel Butler, and the inimitable Leila Abdul-Rouf is a sight for your very ears. Oh my, this lot must be about as good as this shit can get, and if they continue on this path, my head is just going to fall off. This wall of such absolute crushing power defies all.

I could go on, but seeing as this was meant to be a one word review, all I will say is this. Fuck you Vastum, you have made me shuffle my top ten again this year, and being an obssesive compulsive type of dude, that does not bode well. I hate you for being so consistenlty excellent, for being so damn heavy, and for generally fucking shit up due to your awesomeness. You need this, nay, the WORLD needs this! (The Great Mackintosh)


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