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Deathcode Society – Unlightenment

deathcode society – unlightenment


While the French Black Metal scene will be mostly remembered for its crude and harsh sound that was brought to our ears by the likes of Mütiilation or Antaeus, the country also had a bit of a tradition of Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal – albeit being much more inward oriented. Lots of the bands that are or were active in that native scene are for the most part kept within the French borders, but from the few that were able to get at least some attention outside of their country Anorexia Nervosa from the Nantes-area is the best known. Within the musical boundaries of that band we can also find Deathcode Society, a band from the Osmose Productions roster that were already able to spawn one album in 2015 through that same label.

But although quite a long period of time has passed since the release of the band’s debut album, the music on ‘Unlightenment’ feels just like a logical continuation on what Deathcode Society presented before. The only difference is that ‘Eschatonizer’, the band’s debut album, had much more of a Dimmu Borgir character, especially in a song like ‘The Mark Of Caïn’ always to me felt so close to ‘Deathcult Armageddon’ of that of the Norwegian stalwarts. Fast forward to 2023 the band opted for a sound that is much closer to home, but frankly still very far removed from a sound that they could call their own. Basically ‘Unlightenment’ sounds like a mixture of Anorexia Nervosa with hints of bands like Sirius (from Portugal) and Forlorn (Norway): fast and melodic Black Metal with a big and majestic sound.

All three of these references were having their heydays many years ago, which exactly captures the musical identity of Deathcode Society. While it sounds all pretty well-done and it goes down easily, it mostly sounds just a little dated. Personally I am very much able to enjoy the album, but I catch myself every time that my thoughts wander a bit after a few songs. Now, this is certainly not just because of the musical content, but the playing time that clocks almost an hour certainly doesn’t help much either. In conclusion, Deathcode Society once again delivers a fine album, but at the same time manages to make little real impression.

Deathcode Society

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