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Vastum – Inward To Gethsemane

vastum – inward to gethsemane


Ever since their inception in 2009, Vastum has been a force to be reckoned with and they have proven to be a true stalwart of the last wave of dark and oppressive Death Metal scene. Still, for reasons beyond comprehension, they always have the tendency to escape my attention. Sometimes I am listening to a new Vastum-record many months after it’s initial release. Not this time though: at least one of the blessings of modern-day Spotify-fuelled metal society is that keeps suggesting us new releases. ‘Inward To Gethsemane’ is therefore scourging my eardrums for some weeks already, and while I feel like a bad parent neglecting one of its children, it feels like a warm welcome back to the fold of Vastum…

‘Inward To Gethsemane’ indeed feels just like another exercise in US-styled dark Death Metal. While that statement can be read as a negative thing, this is actually just a way to express my adoration of this particular local niche of the Death Metal spectrum. The album offers nothing particularly new when being compared to the previously released recordings but it will sure please those who have a weak spot for bands like (old) Incantation, Monstrosity and Imprecation. While the sound leans more towards Incantation it is the more volatile and dynamic way of song writing that reminds most of Imprecation. Not only the riffs, drums and vocals but surely also the compelling and forceful way each song whirls and folds is something that makes Vastum sound anything but a standard Incantation-clone. It also stays away from all the knee-deep-in-muck sort of sound that appeared in the last couple of years, mainly following the success of a band like Disma.

Of course, with their 15-year anniversary in sight, it is safe to say that Vastum has gained themselves a place amongst the best bands in the genre. Yet, with this album, they leave no doubt and have permanently and firmly established themselves among the greats of the global Death Metal scene. If you happen to be like me and always forget to check out their new stuff, but do like your Death Metal to sound in the same vein as Dead Congregation, Undergang, Disma, (old) Tomb Mold and Coffins, you should do yourself a favour and at least (sometimes) trust your Spotify release radar.


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